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Lowest Note


Tony Wilson, guitar

Dylan van der Schyff, drums

Paul Blaney, bass

Peggy Lee, cello

Dave Say, tenor sax

Kevin Elaschuk, trumpet

François Houle, clarinet (#4)





Long awaited and much anticipated release by one of the Pacific Northwest's finest ensembles, led by unsung, yet extraordinary, Tony Wilson.


Selected twice to Coda Magazine's Writers' Choice lists!



What the critics are saying:


"He (Wilson) is an exceptionally gifted composer-arranger, able to blend the subtle lyricism of chamber music, the drive of modern jazz and outside improvisation into highly listenable tunes ..."


—Stuart Derdeyn, The Province


"A delicious melancholy pervades this first CD by the Hornby Island guitarist and his five musicians from nearby Vancouver.  It's the turn of his melodies, the thoughtful crafting of his arrangements and the sound of his cellist, Peggy Lee ...  But there's a difference between the melancholic and the downright gloomy; Wilson's reflective, not morose, and he finds a place in his evocations for leavening solos by Lee, tenor saxophonist Dave Say and trumpeter Kevin Elaschuk."


—Mark Miller, Globe and Mail


"The group has an ability to sustain free-blowing improv and simultaneously deal with lyricism, melodicism and harmonies."


—Geoff Chapman, Toronto Star


"In an alternate universe, we'd be celebrating Tony Wilson Day this week ... and to mark the occassion the downtown streets would be filled with an Ivesian cacophony of brass bands playing his arrangements of tunes by Sun Ra, Albert Ayler and Captain Beefheart."


—Alexander Varty, The Georgia Straight


"At its best, Wilson's compositions encompass in-and-out qualities that enchant and lead the listener down slightly twisted paths.  Wilson rarely loses sight of melody, but is rarely constrained by it.  His dream-like visions are well executed by the group. ."


—Steven Loewy, All Music Guide


"Watching Tony Wilson's curved torso hunched over his guitar - head wiggling in an almost catatonic twitch, eyes closed, an expression of tension-filled bliss tightening his face - it's hard to imagine that he exists in any other position. His intensity when making music is quietly fierce and virtually unflinching. Even when on the alert leading a group through newer material, Wilson can slip in and out of a musical consciousness that leads to the magical place where everything and everyone disappears and there is just the music. If there are two schools of music - emotional and cerebral - Wilson is firmly ensconced in the former, as a composer, leader and player."


— Josephine Ochej, Coda