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Brett Larner, 13 string koto, 17 string bass koto, 21 string gu zheng

duos with:

Jim O'Rourke, hurdy gurdy

Ted Reichman, accordion

Samm Bennett, electronics

John Shiurba, acoustic guitar

Anthony Braxton, woodwinds

G.E. Stinson, electric guitar

Gianni Gebbia, alto sax, paper cup

Taku Sugimoto, acoustic guitar

Loren Mazzacane Connors, electric guitar

Gino Robair, 13 string koto (duet on one koto)


Mastered October 31, 2000, at setreset studio, Tokyo, by Toshimaru Nakamura.






What the critics are saying:


"Itadakimasu is a fine sampler of Larner's many talents."


—Dan Warburton, Signal to Noise


"Improvising alongside other instruments, Larner extends the koto's every single parameter."


—Elliot Smith, The Wire


"Itadakimasu features Brett Larner, one of the leading koto players in avant-garde music, in ten duets with as many musicians. Therefore, his adaptability and range of expression is very well-illustrated."


—François Couture,


 Ted Reichman's accordion on track two blends wonderfully with Larner's Harry Partch-like microtonal flurries, in an elegant and beautifully-pitched study in slowmotion clusters. The piece with Anthony Braxton is an absolute triumph, Larner shadowboxing his former teacher magnificently as Braxton gives a high-speed tour of his instrumental arsenal, ...If Larner had wanted to choose one track instead of two to showcase his oriental instruments' pentatonic shimmers, ... the effective (but truncated) outing with G.E. Stinson's electric guitar. The collaborations with the guitarists are diverse and engaging ...John Shiurba is as gritty and uncompromising as early Chadbourne, while Taku Sugimoto - on acoustic guitar here - is ultra-minimal and inscrutable as ancient calligraphy. The final duet on bowed koto with Gino Robair is a strangely disturbing but fascinating way to end.


—Dan Warburton, Paris Transatlantic