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Box Cutter


Gordon Grdina, guitar

Francois Houle, clarinets

Karlis Silins, bass

Kenton Loewen, drums


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What the critics are saying:


"Gordon Grdina's Box Cutter: Unlearn (2006, Spool/Line): Oh dear, another good guitar album! Grdina is based on Vancouver. Plays oud and an interest in Arabic classical music, but here it's just guitar, in a quartet with François Houle on clarinets. Houle is terrific. Grdina mostly pushes things along, momentum the secret of the success. [B+(***)]"


—Tom Hull.


Musicianship on the album is grand and the personalities that emerge amusing. They're coy, brisk and unstoppable on the opening track "Titlewave. Grdina proves he's got lots of energy and can flitter his way around his instrument no problem, while Karlis Silins on bass does acrobatics around him, provoking him into a rhythmic jostle. The clarinet, played by François Houle, teases with all sorts of wacky antics, as when a series of ascending notes goes warbling into center stage, while drummer Kenton Loewen keeps the rhythm rolling and allows this combination to make a lot of sense.


— Celeste Sunderland,



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