LINE SERIES - Improvisation

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Henry Kaiser, guitar and bass guitar

Paul Plimley, piano

Danielle DeGruttola, cello



Recorded October 1996 and November 1997.  These two masters of improvisation unfold a melange of musical wonderment. They are joined on several tracks by the rich, sonorous sounds of Danielle DeGruttola's cello.  By turns, whimsical, contemplative, rhythmical and open-ended; always thoughtful, understated and engaging. It all unfolds in a manner which suggests that no other unfolding would do.





What the critics are saying:


"Using electric, acoustic and bass guitars, Kaiser smears chords and bends notes to meet Plimley's clusters and flurries. On some tracks, DeGruttola's cello acts as an effective binding agent. ."


—Julian Cowley, The Wire


"There is an understated beauty to this entire affair, like a flower opening up ever so slowly towards the sun.  There are also moments when either Henry and/or Paul drop these small firecrackers of fractured notes to balance the extreme nature of the reflective side.  Sometimes minimal, yet still a feast for our ears."


—Bruce Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery


"In an inspired pairing, Kaiser joins B.C. pianist extraordinaire Paul Plimley.  As an added bonus, and this disc is significantly better as a result, Plimley and Kaiser are complimented by Danielle DeGruttola on cello.  She is the least known player here, but her contributions are uniformly excellent; she seems to inspire Kaiser and Plimley to their most intense passages."


— David Dacks, Exclaim


"A meeting of like souls, Vancouver pianist Paul Plimley and Bay Area guitarist Henry Kaiser both seem to operate on a higher  vibrational plane than most mere mortals...Their collaboration is speedy, surreal, fragmented and a treat for those interested in the outer limits."


—Alexander Varty, The Georgia Straight


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