LINE SERIES - Improvisation

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Coat Cooke (reeds), Ron Samworth (guitar), Paul Plimley (piano), Kate Hammett-Vaughn (vocals), Dylan van der Schyff (drums), Paul Blaney (bass), Clyde Reed (bass), Ralph Eppel (trombone), Saul Berson (alto sax), John Korsrud (trumpet), Peggy Lee (cello), Bill Clark (trumpet), Brad Muirhead (trombone), Mark Nodwell, (soprano sax).


with guests

George Lewis  (trombone),

Vinny Golia (clarinets, flutes, saxophones),

Paul Cram (clarinet, tenor saxophone)


Pieces by

Ron Samworth (The Yellow Sound),

Coat Cooke (Wowow),

Paul Cram (The Tyranny of Interest).





What the critics are saying:


"Incorporating three very long pieces of multiple sections -- by mainstays Cooke and Samworth, as well as by guest soloist Paul Cram -- this date demonstrates the NOW Orchestra's synergy as well as its knowledge of the large ensemble continuum that stretches from Ellington, Fletcher Henderson, and Basie to Sun Ra, the AACM Experimental Band, and Braxton's Creative Orchestra, all the way to Globe Unity, LJCO, and ICP.  Yes, I mean that. Yes, they're that good.  Coat Cooke's "Wowow" is one of the best performances I've heard all year ... And perhaps the finest compliment I can muster, this music had me itching to pick up my own instrument and join in.  By all means, listen to this."


—Jason Bivins, Cadence


"The music is typical NOW: a big hard-bopping stage band sound with a rocking rhythm section (including guitar (electric). The three works showcased here are built in contrasting sections, exploiting the orchestra's ability to run at 200 m.p.h. and stop on a dime. Thoroughly composed passages (usually a solid beat with hot staccato licks) are followed by free improvisation sections where everything seems to fall apart, only to pick up later on, stronger than ever. Guests George Lewis (trombone), Vinny Golia (clarinets/saxes/flutes) and Paul Cram (clarinet/tenor sax) add power to the NOW's already strong line-up (including pianist Paul Plimley and the four members of the quartet Talking Pictures). A female vocalist is used in all three works, although more distinctly in 'WOWOW,' where she howls the line 'Suicide by side'. "


— François Couture, All Muisc Guide