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Tempo Tempo

Wrist Error



Kurt Newman, hollowbody electric guitar

Mike Gennaro, drums, selected percussion


Recorded live May 27, 1999 at the Music Gallery, Toronto. Tempo Tempo is the debut release by Toronto free improvisation duo Wrist Error. It is a relentless barrage of tiny, skittering sounds, silences, and a few oddly-timed blasts of skree. Percussionist Mike Gennaro and guitarist Kurt Newman, veterans of encounters with John Butcher, Mats Gustafsson, Eugene Chadbourne, and Fred Lonberg-Holm, among others, re-wire the microscopic scrape-and-pluck music of Roger Turner and John Rusell for their own inscrutable purposes. The Chicago Reader, for one, declared that Wrist Error's music "bristles with creative energy and uncanny intuition."


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What the critics are saying:


"Coaxing an expression dry and fragile as rare mosses (music) growing on a riverbank, speaking silently as the wilderness night sounds. From a hollow bodied electric, Kurt Newman coaxes a variety of sounds in hammering, stroking, rubbing, fingerings and placements, creating a contrapuntal deluge of simultaneous musical noise, harmonics, and sound events. One of the most interesting new stylists I've heard in a long time "


— La Donna Smith, The Improvisor


"These two guys are doing something very exciting. The music is sudden, explosive, bright, and capricious in the best sense of the word. It's rich and varied in timbre and dynamics. It clicks, crunches, ops and pings erupt ecstatically and spontaneously. It is full of extended and indeterminate techniques. It isn't jazz and it isn't new music. In fact, it just may be of listeners to everything from classical to punk."


—Josh Thorpe, Musicworks