POINT SERIES - Composition

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Bradshaw Pack, composer

Compositions performed by

Talking Pictures

Pacific Baroque Orchestra

Standing Wave

David Maggs




Prompt 1

Arioso Distante


Prompt 2

Bella Tenebrosita

the earth for you a Standing place

prompt 3


Pack’s exquisite compositional talents are on display in collaboration with Standing Wave, the Pacific Baroque Orchestra, David Maggs and Talking Pictures.






What the critics are saying:


"One of the main features is Arioso Distante. It is a beautiful 12 minute string piece. It has a classical feel, but often sounds as if there were three different string quartets following similar but not identical scores. The result is a lush, powerful music. Pack uses contrasts to great effect, leaving the listener breathless.  The 20 minute Ellipses is the other highlight. Performed by Standing Wave it progresses through a handful of tableaux, first featuring a lot of percussion work to finally concentrate on piano, clarinet, and violin.  Another worthy work is The Earth for You a Standing Place …"


—Francois Couture, All Music Guide


"The first in the 'composers series' produced by the adventurous Canadian label Spool and issued to initiate its 'Point' productions featuring the works of composers, this recording highlights works written by the highly creative artist Bradshaw Pack from 1997 through 2000. Drawing on three Vancouver-based collectives, and the pianist, David Maggs, Pack focuses on what might be categorized as modern chamber music with an avant-garde twist. Those who are unfamiliar with Pack's work and who enjoy the modern, exciting recordings for which the Spool label is known might be surprised at the classical music roots. That should not deter listeners, though, as Pack is an innovative and sometimes thrilling writer who draws on late 20th century innovations. The performing groups include such splendid performers as clarinetist Francois Houle, cellist Peggy Lee, and drummer Dylan van der Schyff, each of whom has made his mark on other recordings for the label. While it is unclear whether individual improvisation is part of Pack's creations, this is music that pulls the listener into its fold, rewarding those who focus closely on its parts. The individual sections for clarinet, piano, percussion, and strings are particularly compelling, filled with fascinating, though often subtle, detours."


—Steve Loewy, All Music Guide


"Pack's CD, entitled ALOGOS (meaning absurd, or contrary to reason), consists of 5 pieces, four of which are interpolated between movements of the first piece. Prompt I is a tentative, delicate opening, shimmering with glassy extended techniques from the cello and processed guitar. Arioso Distante is an evocative deconstruction of period music. Through paraphrased fragmentation, Pack assembles a puzzle of variously distorted references co-existing like elements of an Alexander Calder mobile. The shifting figures maintain local tonality, with a more free-form approach to phrase organization."


—Paul Steenhuisen