Creative Orchestra (Guelph) 2007



Intersection Poems
Wayne Horvitz & Talking Pictures

Wayne Horvitz
Ron Samworth
Peggy Lee
Bill Clarke
Dylan van der Schyff


What the critics are saying:

"The sound and mix is top-notch, allowing the listener to really hear the full range of spatial and textural contributions. The dark reverberating piano clusters by Horvitz will shake you to the core in "Children At Play ; "Begin Two Way is celebratory, assisting the magical crack of a morning dawn; "...When Amber Flashing starts in your face, gradually backs off, moving further and further, winding up in a land of contemplation with its less rhythmic legato lines. Sit squarely between the speakers for this adventure and buckle your seat belts. You are most certainly going places. "

Laurence Donohue-Greene, All About Jazz

"Guitarist Ron Samworth often plays with a controlled skronk and lyricism remindful of Horvitz's guitar-playing brother, Bill. Cellist Peggy Lee is on the level with the best and most creative improvisers on her instrument. Drummer Dylan van der Schyff is a skilled colorist whose strategies range from pointillist understatement to nervous hyperactivity. Clark has both a conventional, linear technique and an ear for timbral contrast. Horvitz reveals himself once again to be a fine, sensitive pianist with a quiet, melodic bent and a refined sense of place within the group. The group's sound is not New York dirty or Chicago raw. It's an altogether smart, earnest and unapologetically emotional music-the idea of north, circa 2005."

Chris Kelsey, Jazz Times